View the Accessibility Listing file to see which properties offer accommodations for certain types of disabilities.
View the AggieSearch Property Manager video to learn how to edit your AggieSearch listing. If you are looking for a specific help topic, please use the break times below to fast forward to that part of the video.

AggieSearch Camtasia Section Breaks
How to Create an Account - 45 seconds
How to connect your Account to your Property Listing - 2 minutes
How to edit your Listing - 3 minutes
General Information - 4 minutes
Pets - 4 minutes 30 seconds
Lease specials - 5 minutes
Accessibility - 5 minutes 30 seconds
Photos - 6 minutes 15 seconds
Floor plans - 8 minutes


Complex Availability Report
View the number of available apartments by type for each complex.
Complex Price Report
View the prices for all types of apartments at each complex.
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