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Frequent Code Violations

City Code

Ever get a door hanger on your door stating you've violated a city code? What about a sticker on your trash can telling you to move it away from the curb? Find out some of the most frequent College Station city code violations below, all of which can lead to fines.

Definition of a Family

No more than four unrelated persons may live together in a single family residence.
Tip: Many houses being currently built are 5 or 6 bedrooms, but this doesn't mean it's OK to have 5 or 6 unrelated people living there. Remember: Me + 3, unless your brother and sister are living there too!

Weeds and Grass

Weeds and grass should not exceed 12 inches in height. Grass should be maintained on a regular basis.
Tip: This isn't for beautification-tall grass often invites unwanted pests and critters such as snakes and mice.

Accumulation of Trash

Trash should be securely stored until trash pick up day in the sanitation container that is provided. Trash, bags of trash, litter or other waste should not be allowed to accumulate on or spread from one's property.
Tip: Make sure you bag and tie your trash. If it isn't bagged and tied, the wind can knock over your trash can and all the trash inside may blow away (or be dug into by animals like raccoons).

Parking in the Yard

Cars, pickups, and motorcycles may not be parked in the yard in any residential area, except on an approved surface. Approved surfaces include asphalt, concrete, and gravel.
Tip: Any two or more tires on your yard (which may be grass or dirt) are enough to receive a violation.

Theft of Service

Any person or business cannot use a sanitation container that they do not pay for service on.
Tip: If you consistently have too much trash, purchase another container from the city. It's better than getting fined for sneaking your trash into your neighbor's trash bin.

Containers in the Street

Containers must be removed from the street and stored next to the dwelling with 12 hours after the scheduled collection day.
Tip: If your trash is picked up at 8am Monday morning, make sure your bin is off the curb by 8pm Monday night.

Extra Collection

If you missed your collection day, need an extra collection or an extra trash can, call 979-764-3690.

Brush/Bulky Items

These items are collected separately from the regular collection and cannot be placed curbside more than 48 hours before your scheduled bulky pick-up day.
Tip: If you buy a 50" TV, don't leave the box at the curb for several days before large trash pick up. Not only is it a violation, it also advertises to theives that you have something they may want to steal.

Open Storage

You cannot store anything in your yard or patio unless it is intended for outdoor use (outdoor toys, patio furniture or fixtures) or firewood stored in the side or rear yard.
Tip: If you want to sit on your couch on your porch, just be sure to move it back inside when you're done.

Junked Vehicles

Vehicles with expired license plates or inspection stickers and are inoperable for a period of 30 days meet the definition of a junk vehicle.
Tip: If you need to work on a vehicle in your driveway for an extended period of time, be sure to get a permit from the city.