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Find information about living Off-Campus and browse through our collection of resources.

Digital Resources

  • Roommate Contract

    Off-Campus Student Services recommends that a Roommate Contract be completed anytime a new lease is signed or a lease is renewed. This document is designed to provide its users the opportunity to establish some guidelines related to the details of their living arrangements. Users are encouraged to spend quality time discussing each section, being as forthright and honest with their opinions as possible. Although designed to be a legally binding agreement, its main purpose is to provide a chance for you to proactively discuss issues that could potentially become areas of conflict.

  • Roommate Considerations

    Questions to ask yourself and potential roommates to help prevent conflicts later.

  • Off-Campus Housing Budget

    Budgetting worksheet to evaluate how much can afford to spend on off-campus housing.

  • Housing Search Checklist

    Use this checklist to compare the properties that you view.

  • Suggested Questions for Landlords

    Sample list of questions to ask landlords and property managers.

  • Texas Apartment Association (TAA)

    The Texas Apartment Association provides advocacy, education and communication for the Texas rental housing industry. Most leases used in Bryan/College Station are TAA leases. The state of Texas has an extensive property code that outlines your rights and responsibilities as it relates to renting property in Texas. It is important to remember that it is your responsibility to understand what is expected of you as a tenant and how to protect yourself and your property while residing in a rental dwelling.