Roommate: Brandon May

Roommate Information

Brandon May
E-mail Address:
Student Status:
TAMU Student
Prefers Own Room:
Date Available:
August 1, 2019
I'm transferring in as a junior, can't wait to be an Aggie, and will major in Sports Management.
My first name is Brandon but I go by Travis. I'm going to be majoring in sports management. I am currently set to live at the cottages this fall and looking for a roommate or 2. I know a few people in College Station, but none need roommates or a place to live. I have friends from my previous school and might invite some of them down from time to time. (They are all pretty chill people) I would like to live with someone who has been at College Station/TAMU, and is familiar A&M traditions. I'm looking to live with 2-3 guys. I love watching (and playing) basically all types of sports, mainly baseball, basketball, and football (even played a little football at my previous school). I also have three brothers I'm close too, so they will probably visit...You'll like them! I like working out, going out, chilling on the weekends, whatever, I'm up for anything. I also like gaming occasionally. I am interested in attending the football games, and any other Aggie events for a full college experience. And, after I get my feet under me, I will want to get a job. I currently am working full time now, but will want some time to enjoy being an Aggie before I work again. Feel free to stalk me on insta @travis_mayyy or call/text 832-948-4529.

About This Roommate

Sometimes socializes
Never smoke
Sleep Habits:
Night person
Night Guests:
Sometimes has night guest
Date Occasionally
Sometimes Drinks
Study Environment:
Quiet study environment
Study Habits:
Study at home

Roommate Preferences

Gender Preference:
Male Preferred
Age Range:
20 to 24
Rent Range:
$350.00 to $550.00
Furniture Needs:
None, fully furnished.
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