Roommate: Amanda Varner

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Amanda Varner
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Student Status:
TAMU Student
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Date Available:
Howdy! I am just starting at Texas A&M. I am a biomedical science major and have plans to go to veterinary school later on. I am a very devoted student but I do like to have fun and socialize sometimes. I am not super shy but I am not super outgoing either. I really love animals and will most likely spend a lot of time volunteering and interning at animal shelters and vet clinics. I would prefer to room with someone who is a serious student and is math or science oriented. I have a pet rabbit that I would like to bring with me. Her name is Bluebell and she is a mini lop. She is very small and will stay caged in my room so she will not get in anyone's way. I am artsy. I like drawing, painting, and crafting. I also like cooking and watching movies. I am allergic to wheat/gluten. I can be around it, I just can't eat it so I will need a kitchen wherever I live so that I can make my own meals. I do not currently have a place to live and would be willing to move in to a place you already have or talk with you about getting some place together.

About This Roommate

Sometimes socializes
Never smoke
Sleep Habits:
Night person
Night Guests:
Never has night guest
Never Drinks
Study Environment:
Quiet study environment
Study Habits:
Study at library and home

Roommate Preferences

Gender Preference:
Female Preferred
Age Range:
17 to 25
Rent Range:
$400.00 to $700.00
Furniture Needs:
I do not currently have furniture but could possibly get furniture
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