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Joe Peterson
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TAMU Student
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Incoming Aerospace Engineering grad student from NC
Incoming aerospace grad student. I signed a lease for The Standard (4x4 Dawson unit) but don't really want to risk the roommate matching thing so am looking for other's that may be interested in living there. There is a $2700 discount so rent is $650, fully furnished, and includes everything besides electricity. There is also free covered parking for the whole year, a pool + hot tub, and a decent gym. It's right next to campus in the Northgate area, 1 block off of University Drive. I grew up in NC and did my undergrad in physics at UC Santa Barbara. I'm a bit of a workaholic and gym rat but am also very easy going. I'll probably be studying or at the gym most of the time but I also like to get outside when I can and have done a good bit of traveling/hiking/biking. I also like to get a few drinks and have a good time but rarely find the time for those shenanigans anymore. Fun for me could be anything from hiking with friends to reading alone in my room to getting trashed and going to a strip club in the middle of the day. I have range.

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Sometimes socializes
Never smoke
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Night person
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Sometimes has night guest
Date Occasionally
Sometimes Drinks
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Quiet study environment
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Study at the library

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Male Preferred
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21 to 30
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