Roommate: Hannah Blount

Roommate Information

Hannah Blount
E-mail Address:
Student Status:
Blinn Student
Prefers Own Room:
Date Available:
August 11, 2018
I am planning to be a junior at TAMU for the fall. I am looking for a few roommates for the fall (hopefully three others). I am just getting out of my old lease on August 11th.
I love hanging out, I will definitely not be that one roommate that you never speak to. I like to read, do anything outdoors, watch movies/TV. My major requires A LOT of studying, so a study partner would be great. I am fairly neat, especially with a roommate, I am self-conscious of my messes and will clean them up. I am considerate of anyone I live with, so if there are any problems, I would like to talk it out and try to fix them! I do have a cat named Louis (Like King Louis) and he is so sweet, he loves anyone that will scratch his head! I've never seen him with any other cat or dog (since I adopted him a few months ago), but I am willing to see how it goes if you do have another pet! I am looking for a place to move to, just for clarification! I've had some emails with roommates thinking I have a place for them to rent XD

About This Roommate

Often socializes
Never smoke
Sleep Habits:
Night person
Night Guests:
Never has night guest
Sometimes Drinks
Study Environment:
Distractions okay when studying
Study Habits:
Study at library and home

Roommate Preferences

Gender Preference:
Female Preferred
Age Range:
20 to 22
Furniture Needs:
I have a ton of furniture! So, I personally do not need anything!
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