Roommate: Alanna Burnett

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Alanna Burnett
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TAMU Student
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Date Available:
August 1, 2018
Looking for a sweet girl to live with me
Howdy! I'm a sophomore Environmental design student from Fort Worth, TX! I love dogs, traveling, playing the ukulele and piano, going on drives, singing in the car, spontaneous "Treat yo' self" days, reading, nature, relaxing outside, rewatching The Office and Parks n' Rec, Marvel, Hamilton, Disney, eating food, baking, making some mean pancakes, playing board games, and meeting new people! I'm very easy going and low maintenance. I'm organized and keep everything neat and clean. I like making new friends and spending quality time with the people I'm close to. I will give you space when you need it and I'll be an ear to listen when you need to vent. I also quote vines and The Office ALL the time so get ready! Me and my roommate are sophomores looking for someone to live with us for this upcoming school year! We have already signed a lease and need one more person! Our place is a two story duplex in a very quiet neighborhood with a large backyard and neighbors who are only there 1 a month during football season. You'll have your own room and bathroom plus two friendly roommates and possibly a cuddly fat cat! I can give you more info and pictures! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @alanna_banana_89 or email me if you're interested!

About This Roommate

Often socializes
Never smoke
Sleep Habits:
Morning and night person
Night Guests:
Sometimes has night guest
Steady Relationship
Never Drinks
Study Environment:
Distractions okay when studying
Study Habits:
Study at library and home

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Gender Preference:
Female Preferred
Age Range:
18 to 21
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