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Lauren Boyles
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TAMU Student
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I'm looking for a roommate, to rent a room in the house I am currently living in
My family owns a rent house in Bryan, about 5 miles away from A&M campus. I'm currently looking for someone to rent a room from January of 2018 for approximately 9 months or so. The lease can run anywhere between 9 months to a whole year, it depends on what you prefer. I and two other girls are currently staying here, but one graduates in May and I am trying to fill that vacancy. The total rent is $900 a month, at $300 per room. Utilities are included, except internet and cable. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. With a large living room, a kitchen, and a well-used porch in the backyard. The house is right across the street from a shopping center, and is approximately a 10-15 minute drive from A&M campus in College Station. About me: My hobbies include reading, writing, cooking (love to cook!), knitting, and, upon occasion, painting. I enjoy crafts, and girl's nights with facial masks. In my profile I list myself as messy, but I am usually pretty decent at keeping my mess localized in my own room. One of my current roommates, not the one who is graduating in May, is very organized and clean and together I think we have a pretty good balance at keeping things neat. I do want to be friends with my roommate, because who would turn down more friends? Feel free to look me up on Facebook!

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Sometimes socializes
Never smoke
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Night person
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Never has night guest
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Sometimes Drinks
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Study at library and home

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Female Preferred
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18 to 25
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