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Listing: Looking for third roommate in 3 bed 2 bath off university!

General Information

4112 Kenwood Dr.
Bryan, TX 77802
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
Total Size:
1500 sq. ft.
Distance to Campus:
3.04 Miles
-Private room
- Walk in closet
- Shared bathroom (house is 3 bed/2 bath)
- Laundry
- Garage
- Full kitchen
- Backyard with covered patio
- Internet
- TV
- Air conditioning and heating
- Utilities included
Hey there, my name is Hannah and my roommate and I are looking to lease the third room in our house for the upcoming school year! We currently have three pets in the house, a dog, a lizard and a cat. All animals are very friendly and love people! The dog is a Great Dane, so anyone considering moving in will have to be comfortable with big pups that shower you with love! We are happy to accommodate another pet if you have one as long as it is house trained and friendly with all current residents, four-legged included. The owners do require a pet deposit but it is refundable if no damage occurs (message me if you have any questions). The room has the option to come furnished. My roommate and I are very clean and I try to clean the house at least once a week! We only ask that the entire contents of the kitchen cupboards are not left in the sink on a regular basis. We have plates, silverware, cups, cooking supplies, etc., and are happy to share. The house also has a covered patio with outdoor furniture that is a great place to hang out when the weather is nice, and the neighborhood has a cute park and trails within walking distance. We are pretty chill about everything and don't mind if you want to have some people over occasionally. Please feel free to message me with any questions or for more pictures!

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All pets are allowed! Pet deposit is 100% refundable if no damage occurs. It can also be used towards your last months rent if you prefer.

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