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Listing: Park West Room Available in 4x4 (Kyle Field View, New Complex, $534/mo

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503 George Bush Dr. Park West
College Station, TX 77840
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Distance to Campus:
1.08 Miles
I am offering a relet for my room at park west that's in a 4x4 (4 bed, 4 bath) on the 7th floor overlooking Kyle Field. I am the first person to ever occupy the room and have been there since last August when the building was complete. I re-signed my lease through next summer thinking I was going to live there again, but I just changed my major and now my future living plans have also changed. This offer is incredible at an incredible price of $534/month including all utilities (unlimited internet included). Especially considering my room is going for around $650/month at the moment. Since we signed this time last year, we were able to secure a low price for our resigning of the lease. This lease starts on 07/29/2018 and ends on 07/26/2019. Let me know asap if you want it because I know it will go within a matter of days. The person who signs this lease will take over the lease and will work with Park West, as I will not be a resident there anymore.

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