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Listing: Timber House

General Information

208 Timber St.
College Station, TX 77840
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
Total Size:
1440 sq. ft.
Distance to Campus:
0.74 Miles
3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Wooden floors and a brick fireplace. Extremely close to campus, 3 minutes away, and still able to have a consistent presence on campus. Big backyard and front yard to host large amount of people.
Wooden floors in the main rooms, front porch, and then laminate floors in the kitchen and bathroom. A brick fireplace that's gas powered and an oven/stove that's gas powered. There are 2 big bedrooms and 1 slightly smaller bedroom. The house has a big backyard with aesthetic lights that can be used to host friends and hang hammocks. The house is 8 minutes of walking distance away from TAMU main campus, 3 minutes away by biking. There are 5 parking spaces available and plenty across the street. The house has lights hanged around the house to provide a coffee shop environment.

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Pets Allowed:

Unit Amenities


General Accessibility:
Doorways are at least 36" wide
Mailboxes are accessible or can be assigned
Laundry facilities have front loading washers and dryers
Hot and cold faucet knobs are separate
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