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Listing: 2 BR in 3 BR apartment ! 409.50 , first months rent paid.

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3150 finfeather
Bryan , TX 77801
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2.82 Miles
Me and one of my roommates currently looking to Sublease our room in our apartment at presidio apartments due to the fact that we are moving home . You can move at whatever date you may choose in This month. The rooms you will be getting are on the far left of the graphic . Rent is 409.50 for your room & the utility bill you will pay is around 40 bucks . You will share a bathroom , so If you have a buddy and want to move in with them to make it more comfortable for you guys right off the bat, that'd be even better . Whenever you decide to move in , We'll pay for first months rent . Our roommate is very cool & you could come meet him if you'd like . We have a shuttle at the apartments that drops of At the Business bus Stop @ A&M every day if you're interested in that. If you have any other questions or need any other pics , call or email me. Lastly, this is a male apartment !

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