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Listing: Save $36,000 on housing over four years

General Information

1360 N Harvey Mitchell Pkwy
Bryan, TX 77803
Phone Number:
(979) 307-5568
E-mail Address:
Web Site:
Timber Ridge, B/CS's Premier RV Park is conveniently located approximately 4.5 miles from Campus. We offer a quiet and safe living environment with Students needs in mind with amenities such as our spacious and comfortable student lounge with Free WiFi, flat screen TV, desks, sofas, coffee makers, and vending Machines.
Benefits to RV student housing Unbeatable convenience (live where you want, when you want) An RV is perfect if you are involved in sports or other extracurricular activities that require travel.

Some students even opt to RV during Spring Break, a much cheaper alternative to the expensive and dangerous hotel situations that can occur during spring break. Your housing situation is already set up for you after you graduate college. Costs of utilities and maintenance come in the package that is much cheaper than those offered by university dorms and off-campus apartments At your RV site you'll enjoy free WiFi as well as free 32 channels of direct TV, parking for two vehicles, water, electric, and septic hookups. This makes your RV home fully self contained

Our student rates are $400.00 per month and approximately $75.00 per month in Electric

With park amenities such as our spacious and comfortable student lounge, Free WiFi, flat screen TV's, desks, sofas, exercise stations, coffee makers, and vending machines. You'll have everything you need at Timber Ridge RV Park
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Pets Allowed:
Pet Comments:
dogs must be on a leash unless in the dog run area

Unit Amenities


General Accessibility:
Recreation facilities on ground level
Mailboxes are accessible or can be assigned
Laundry facilities have front loading washers and dryers
Toilets have grab bars
Showers have lip of 2" or less
Hot and cold faucet knobs are separate
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