Listing: Subleasing One Bedroom Apartment - Starting Jan. 2018!

General Information

800 Marion Pugh Dr.
College Station, TX 77840
Phone Number:
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Distance to Campus:
1.89 Miles
Subleasing a one bedroom apartment starting in January 2018. The rent is $800 per month (very cheap for a 1 bedroom) and we will pay the $200 subleasing fee as an incentive. There are NO roommates - just one bedroom and one bath. Everything is included within the rental price (water, cable, wireless internet, access to gym, etc.) except for electricity. There are also great amenities that you will have access to - especially the pool since the property has 2, and the quiet one is right next to this apartment. The property is extremely close to campus, and even has access to 2 different bus routes - 35 and 36. The property altogether is quiet at all times and this apartment is on the first floor. We are open to giving tours and can answer any other questions. Please contact 254-624-6191 if you'd like to know more, thanks!

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Pets Allowed:
Yes - call office for more info

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