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Listing: Looking for older student as roommate

General Information

2001 Miller Ave
Bryan, TX 77801
Phone Number:
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Total Size:
112 sq. ft.
Distance to Campus:
3.18 Miles
This is a single family home, and I am looking for a roommate to live in my spare bedroom. We would share a bathroom. Rent is 350/month plus half of all utilities, including internet (I currently pay 41/month for gas, 135/month for water and electricity, and 55/month for internet). I would be willing to lower rent if you would take over mowing the yard.
Hard wood floors or tile throughout, and we would be sharing a bathroom. There is a large backyard, and I would be ok with dogs, but no cats. I have 2 dogs myself. Room is unfurnished, but I do have a mattress and box spring you could use if you needed it. This house was built in 1940, so there are several trees in the front/back yard, and I have a laundry room with washer and dryer. There is central air and heating. House is within biking distance of both A and M and Blinn.

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