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Apartment Leases During COVID-19

At this time, all current off-campus leases that students have with their property management companies must continue to be in effect, unless a deal has been privately worked out with the tenant and leasing company.

This does in fact mean that rent will need to be paid as usual from the tenant, and all leasing agreements must be adhered to. This is a contractual agreement between a tenant and leasing agency that Texas A&M University is not affiliated with, and does not have decision making authority, unfortunately.

That being said, for the group of off-campus students that do decide to leave Bryan/College Station, we strongly recommend that they begin a communication with their leasing agencies to determine, what, if anything can be negotiated. At this point in time, any student who decides to leave their apartment for the rest of the semester is making a personal and voluntary decision to do so, and therefore will need to still adhere to leasing contracts that are in place. Be sure to ask your property manager about options on waiving late fees and adjusting payment plans.

The Texas Apartment Association has also issued information that may be helpful for those that live off campus.

Other resources that may be helpful: